How To Use CBD

By: Charlyn Martin Gardner for Purple Leaf Industries

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is hitting shelves across dispensaries and stores alike. CBD can be found in topicals, tinctures, food and drink, and beauty products, to name a few. But how exactly does one use CBD? And how does the average consumer know which method is best for them? Using CBD may seem intimidating to the new consumer, but the benefits outweigh any hesitation. Adding CBD to your day to day routine is easier than learning a new workout or adjusting to a new medication. This article will guide you through the three most popular ways to use CBD and how you can incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle.


Easily one of the most visible ways to consume CBD is through an edible. CBD is infused in cooking oil, or another fat soluble substance such as butter, to seamlessly adjust the recipe to include the hemp compound. You can also find CBD tinctures, that can be taken directly under the tongue. A simple way to add CBD to your own recipes, these products often come in dropper form. Ingesting CBD creates an effect that is slow to start, but slow to leave. Perfect for the consumer who benefits from CBD gradually building up in their system. Every individual will have a difference experience; with the average consumer needing anywhere from fifteen minutes to close to an hour to feel the full affect. Relief can last for hours when ingesting your CBD. Ideal for a hike or an end of the day treat.


        Seasoned cannabis users may find that adding CBD to their routine could be as easy as picking up a new piece or packing a different kind of bowl in their preferred smoking device. Many consumers smoke CBD, similarly to how cannabis has been traditionally enjoyed. Add CBD as a topper to your flower in any bong, pipe, or even along rolled treats like joints and blunts. Skip to the next level and pick up a quartz banger or metal nail to add to your large water bong, and create a rig. You will need a proper torch to heat your rig to the needed temperature. Be sure to consult your bud tender for tips. This method is not recommended for newcomers. Dabbing, or smoking CBD oil and wax, is not for the faint of lungs. This is ideal for regular cannabis consumers looking to elevate their smoking experience while reaping the benefits of CBD.


Topical products, such as lotions and creams, are rising stars in the CBD market. Cannabidiol is infused into common body friendly oils, such as coconut oil, to create a relief ointment. Although the CBD does not enter the bloodstream, it is absorbed by the skin and reaches nearby cannabinoid receptors by breaking the transdermal surface. This allows for a relatively quick relief response in targeted areas. The average consumer can expect relief within twenty minutes of application. Topicals can be found in a wide range of body products. From bath bombs and body butters, to massage oils and facial serums. Topicals are fantastic for pre and post workouts, or as part of your self care routine. Use topical CBD to relax, as a mind and body relief experience. 

        Curious consumers have much to gain by adding CBD into their current lifestyle routines. CBD can be easily incorporated into your day to day habits, and become that balancing act your inner and outer self needs. Try ingesting CBD, to dip your toes into cannabis. Maybe dive into the CBD trend, and vape CBD oil out of your piece of choice. Or take a calm approach with a soothing CBD topical ointments. The methods are simple, and the benefits are boundless.