The Benefits of CBD

Seeing CBD everywhere, but don’t know what it does? This is the quick read for you. Here are the known benefits of cannabidiol.

Charlyn Martin Gardner for Purple Leaf Industries

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Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) has many benefits, such as relieving inflammation and pain. We are only just now beginning to explore it with formal studies. Initial research is showing results in a wide variety of ailments. From anxiety to arthritis, CBD may be a helpful addition to your lifestyle. These are the benefits of CBD. Continue reading to explore some of those benefits; as well as some common methods the average consumer can use.


People who suffer from inflammation, understand the risks associated with prolonged use of over the counter medications. Quickly becoming a plant based, natural remedy stand out- CBD products are perfect for the consumer dealing with chronic inflammation. From skincare to arthritis, CBD can reduce swelling and redness. Look for CBD in facial oils and muscle creams for this reason. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD topical pain relief creams are great to pop into a gym bag (or any physical activity) as a preventative measure to relieve inflammation. Apply before your muscles or joints to stop discomfort before it starts.  


CBD has antiemetic properties. Meaning that CBD can provide relief from the discomfort of nausea. Tinctures are a fantastic plant based alternative option for consumers with digestive or nausea related issues. Unlike topical CBD relief products, tinctures can work both transdermally and filtered through the digestive system. One dropper with a cup of tea can help reduce any dizziness or discomfort associated with a fickle digestive system. While CBD in a topical cream provides relief absorbed through the skin; tinctures filter the CBD through the body from the inside out. This allows for the compound to slowly sink into your system, and have a longer lasting affect. 


The endocannabinoid system uses CB1 and CB2 receptors to deliver messages within itself. Similar to the limbic system and its use of neurons to communicate within itself. Studies are presenting evidence that imply that stress chemicals, such as cortisol, can be reduced by adding CBD to one’s lifestyle. CBD acts as a balancing act here, communicating with endocannabinoids to deliver balancing chemicals to the area in need. CBD is not curing anxiety as much as it is relieving anxiety. Think of your body as a complex machine, constantly changing and adapting to its needs. CBD’s careful balancing act creates a physical reaction within our bodies that our bodies’ systems translate into an optimum state. This appears to be how CBD relieves anxiety, by balancing the chemicals that are associated with anxiety, such as cortisol.


The endocannabinoid system and the limbic system act very similarly. Your limbic system is responsible for emotions, memory, and hormones. Many natural remedies for insomnia activate the limbic system to help the consumer feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. Think: aromatherapy. Initial research indicates that CBD may help regulate the same chemical compounds causing insomnia; therefore correlating to relief. Look for CBD with traditionally calming ingredients such as lavender or vanilla. In particular, balms that can be warmed into a liquid. Take a thumbnail of balm and emulsify it into your hands until it is a liquid. Tap the liquid to your temples, wrists, and other pulse points.

These are the few benefits of CBD we know of based on the limited research we have. The endocannabinoid system was only recently discovered in the 1990s. CBD is still a budding industry, with minimal research. However, with the studies conducted thus far there appears to be some scientific evidence to support that CBD is a safe and natural way to relieve discomfort. It is not a cure all, rather think of CBD as a balancer. From inflammation to insomnia, anxiety and nausea, CBD may be the key to achieving a more optimal lifestyle.