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How CBD May Improve Your Workout Routine

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 As the CBD craze continues, more information and studies have come out to identify how exactly CBD can help, and for how long. We are now seeing more athletes promote and use CBD before and after exercising but what exactly does it help? Can CBD help increase performance and stamina when exercising? Can CBD help reduce pain in the body pre and post workouts? The data that has been compiled over the years has been interesting.

More Studies Have Come Out

Since CBD has been legal for a few years now, more thorough studies are beginning to come out and since CBD is no longer prohibited by the Anti-Doping Agency, more and more athletes are claiming to benefit from CBD. Many people have reported to feel less pain and inflammation in the body after using CBD post workout, but what does the science say? 
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One Study suggests that CBD can possibly reduce exercise induced muscle damage, (EIMD). That’s just a fancy way of saying the pain your muscles experience while exercising or doing extraneous activity. With less muscle inflammation while doing extraneous activity, this can lead to enhanced athletic performance. This study was performed in mice who suffered from Muscular Dystrophy. Although EIMD and Muscular Dystrophy are different, the study was performed to see how well CBD does with muscle cell regeneration. They were given 60mg per day.  They found with this dosage, there was a reduction of pro-inflammatory markers which reduced muscle inflammation. They also found improvements in muscle strength, a reduction of tissue degeneration and improvements in muscle coordination. 
Although CBD still needs more research to come to a more conclusive determination about other benefits people claim, it looks like the science is heading in the right direction. Maybe next time you are at the gym, instead of reaching for that bottle of Ibuprofen, maybe you should consider trying CBD; especially if you are an athlete.